Labs Project: Unattended Device Monitoring

The Problem

Many Skype for Business Endpoints and Room Systems do not allow third party status/health monitoring, making it difficult to know that they are online, particularly as you scale out to a large number of endpoints. There may be options to do basic monitoring such as “ping” but an endpoint may ping even if it is signed out/disconnected from Skype for Business Server or Online.

The Solution

This Project is a Software-as-a-Service solution to monitor a customisable number of SIP endpoints. These are endpoints that shouldn’t go offline (room systems, meeting room phones etc.). A web-based dashboard allows administrators to quickly monitor all device states. Devices are grouped to make it easy to identify any that are failing.

Project Tenrec Prototype - screenshot for indication only and may change.

Project Tenrec Prototype - screenshot for indication only and may change.

Customised Alerting

Administrators can either use the dashboard by itself or incorporate email or Instant Message alerts when devices go offline. As the project expands additional alerting customisation and alert types may be added.

Fully Managed Service

This Project is a hosted service delivered by Modality Systems via a web portal. There is nothing to install locally. 

Project Status

We are currently prototyping this solution. If you would like more information about the solution or would like to be actively involved in testing and shaping the solution please consider applying to join the Labs Program.