Labs Project: Office 365 Skype for Business Diagnostics

The Problem

As organisations move to embrace Office365 and transition their Skype for Business infrastructure online they can no longer use traditional monitoring and diagnostics tools which are designed for on-premise installations and require local software or hardware. However there is still a need for this information: for monitoring and increasing user adoption, and also for diagnosing call quality problems. Local devices and local networks can still cause call quality issues in a hosted Skype for Business installation so it's important to have a way to see them.

The Solution

This Project takes the tooling and knowledge from Modality Systems' on-premise Diagnostics service and makes it available to Office365 tenent administrators in a unique package designed specifically to capture and highlight issues faced by administrators managing a hosted Skype for Business infrastructure.

Node Data, User Data

Harness the power of Modality Systems Test Node system to make and receive real Skype calls from Windows PC based test nodes. Capture user data of users homed in Office365 and compare against test data to identify issues.


Modality Systems data warehouse allows advanced PowerBI reporting. Hosted securely and provided as a service, it includes reports on Node performance, usage and performance, PowerBI User Adoption and Utilisation. You also have access to produce your own PowerBI reports.

Modality Systems
CI Team

As part of this service, enjoy Modality Systems Collaboration Intelligence Data review and monthly service reviews as well as access to expert advice and recommendations.

Project Status

We are currently prototyping this solution. If you would like more information about the solution or would like to be actively involved in testing and shaping the solution please consider applying to join the Labs Program.