Labs Project: Webchat as a Service

The Problem

How do organisations respond to a sudden and temporary demand for advice and/or information using Skype for Business? Whether it's supporting a new product launch or marketing event, dealing with a public relations issue, regional or national emergencies, or around key dates such as tax cut-off there are times when organisations need to quickly connect their subject-matter experts with users needing answers.

The Solution

Rather than requiring organisations to invest in an expensive contact centre solution which they will only utilise at periods of peak demand (or similarly without needing to scale an existing contact centre solution to match peak demand), this Project is a hosted service allowing organisations to pick one or more experts in their organisation and instantly create a web-based chat experience for users. 

Create New Endpoints in Realtime to Offer Immediate Support to Users

Fully Managed Service

As long as organisations have Skype for Business (either on-premise or Office365) they can use this service. When a organisation creates a new group a unique URL is created which can be branded to provide a consistent experience. Users are connected to experts who use the Skype for Business client and can decide whether to accept or ignore incoming conversations. Everything is logged and can be reported on.

Spin Up, Spin Down

Organisations can create groups as quickly as it takes to specify which users should be in the group. Designed for short-term burst use, groups can be quickly removed or changed as the situation changes. Add more experts to a busy group to keep up with demand or close down old groups if they are no longer needed: and only pay for groups that are active.

Project Status

We are currently prototyping this solution. If you would like more information about the solution or would like to be actively involved in testing and shaping the solution please consider applying to join the Labs Program.