Project Fossa


The Problem

Organisations who have embraced Office 365 can make use of many different service offerings which are all licensed separately. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Viso, Microsoft Project or more granulated feature sets such as Skype for Business E1, E3, E5 all have their own licenses and users need to be mapped to the correct license set to match their workloads. However there is no holistic overview of license assignment in Office 365 and no way for organisations to see how licenses are being allocated across departments.

The Solution

Project Fossa uses Microsoft Power BI to visualise Office 365 license usage across a number of different organisation boundaries, such as country, region, department etc. Users can drill-down to see individual user license assignment, or zoom out to get the big picture. Data can be viewed ad-hoc whenever it is needed or scheduled for regular delivery.

Track license use over time

Licensing data is captured, processed and stored in Modality Systems' cutting-edge data warehouse (hosted on Microsoft Azure) to enable reporting over time, in order to track trends, identify efficiency changes etc. Data can be stored in the customer's tenant to satisfy data ownership concerns if desired, or managed by Modality Systems.

This is a functional demo of part of the capabilities that Project Fossa offers:

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Project Status

We are currently prototyping this solution. If you would like more information about the solution or would like to be actively involved in testing and shaping the solution please consider applying to join the Labs Program.