Labs Project: End-to-end connection tests for Skype for Business Online & PSTN

The Problem

Currently there isn't an easy and automated way to test and monitor Skype for Business PSTN connectivity with Skype for Business Online, either CCE or Calling Plan (PSTN Calling). A configuration change in your Skype for Business environment or a provider issue may take your PSTN numbers offline and unusable without you knowing.

The Solution

This Project is a constant testing service dedicated to monitoring your PSTN connectivity. It does this by placing real PSTN calls via your network and monitoring how they perform. It can provide early warning alerting of connectivity failures, problems connecting and audio issues.

Peace of mind as a service, nothing to install

This Project does not have any local installation requirements and is offered in its entirety as a service. Simply dedicate one of your PSTN lines to the service, provide us with some credentials and we will do the rest. We'll monitor on a schedule you choose and alert you if there are any problems.

Works with Cloud Connection Edition, Calling Plans (PSTN Calling)

This Project is designed specifically for Skype for Business Online and works with both CCE and Calling Plans. It can also be tailored for us in on-premise or hybrid environments on a case-by-case basis.

Project Status

We are currently prototyping this solution. If you would like more information about the solution or would like to be actively involved in testing and shaping the solution please contact us to begin the conversation.