OneConsultation has been built with the needs of those with the strictest data requirements in mind, such as Healthcare and Private Banking. Here's how our unique design means you can use OneConsultation with confidence:

No PII stored at rest

Because of our unique "No integration, no scheduling" approach, we don't need to store personally identifiable information - and we don't. The answers that your users supply are only held in memory to show your staff, not stored at rest.

HTTPS for all traffic

HTTPS is the technology that allows us to transmit data securely across the Internet by encrypting it. We use HTTPS both to transmit your user's answers, and to join them into their meeting space in their browser. (for a more technical answer, see our Technical Documentation)

Authentication using Azure Active Directory

We require you to have Azure Active Directory (which you will have if you use Office 365, Skype for Business Online or any Azure services). This means that your users authenticate using their existing corporate credentials. There's no additional set of usernames and passwords for them to remember (and forget!).

Every meeting is unique

We don't re-use meeting codes. Every time your users request a meeting, a new space is dynamically created and joined. There's no risk of old meetings being re-joined.

Microsoft Azure in Region

OneConsultation is hosted entirely in Microsoft Azure. For customers that have specific geographic requirements about where services operate, we can host exclusively in one region, by request.

Still have questions or concerns?

Check our Technical Documentation for more detail about authentication, data security and resiliency. If you still can't find what you're looking for, talk to us.