Office 365 Phone Billing: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I access the reports?

Using your web browser, navigate to and sign in using your organisation credentials.

From the Workspaces menu on the left-hand bar, choose O365 Phone Billing. Then, click Reports from the top menu and click Modality.Office365.Billing to open the report.

The report will load with a number of different pages shown along the bottom, each showing different licensing information. There is a full-screen button at the top (two arrows).

What do the reports show?

The reports provide you with summary and detailed information about your organisation's usage of Microsoft Phone System. Data is presented in a number of different way, due to the way that Microsoft Phone System is licensed and how calls are charged.  The reports have been designed to answer any questions you may need to answer about how your organisation uses and pays for Microsoft Phone System. The best way to discover which reports are best for you is to explore them and see what each one tells you. Some reports will be more useful to you than others, and over time you will reports which you can use to answer specific questions quickly.

How do I use the reports?

The following tips can be used anywhere in the reports to enhance your experience:

Many of the visuals can be clicked on in order to filter the data. Try clicking on a bar-chart line for a specific country to filter the report just by that country. This is useful to quickly compare different sets of data. To remove the filter click on the visual again. In general, clicking to filter data affects all data on that page.

Where you see check-boxes, date sliders or lists, you can filter the reports on that page by selecting them.

Tabular data can be sorted by clicking the column headings.

You can also right-click any report and choose 'Show Data' to view more details about a visualisation, including the data that makes up the visual. From here, you can also export the data to Microsoft Excel (click on the ellipses in the top-right of the visual).

Is it safe to make changes?

It is completely safe to explore changing different filters and altering how the data looks. Nothing you can do will alter the underlying data. If you find that you can't undo or get back to the correct view of the data, refreshing the entire page will reset the reporting experience.

When is the data refreshed?

Data is collected at regular intervals, as it is made available by Microsoft. It is usual to expect a delay of up to a week before calls appear in the reports, due to the way in which the data is collected. You don't need to do anything to manually refresh the data, once it is available the next time you visit the reports website you will see the latest data.

About each Report Page

There are 7 different report pages. Although they all show information about Microsoft Phone System usage in your organisation, different pages are designed to answer different questions by providing a different view of the same data. 

PSTN Plan Usage


PSTN Plan Usage Trends


PSTN Bill by Company


PSTN Call Charges Summary


PSTN Calls By User


PSTN Conference Charges Summary


PSTN Conferences By User