Labs Project: Teams for Financial Services

The Problem

Financial Services organisations have complex and specific needs surrounding information governance and protection. Modality Systems has worked in the Financial Services industry for many years and understands the complexities involved in deploying a unified communication solution such as Microsoft Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams in this sector. As organisations contemplate the transition to Microsoft Teams we want to ensure that their needs continue to be met. In this project we are looking a range of solutions to address concerns and ensure that existing policies are maintained.

Transition of Persistent Chat data

We are able to analyse and extract data from your Microsoft Skype for Business Persistent Chat database and migrate it to Microsoft Teams. This ensures that existing conversations are not lost and can still be searched. We have a range of migration options, which are dependant on the availability and capability of Microsoft Teams APIs in this area and as such as subject to change at short notice.

For the latest information, please contact us to arrange a briefing call. 

Mapping existing ethical walls into Teams

We are able to analyse your existing ethical walls rules from software such as Actiance Vantage and translate that into Microsoft Teams creation rules. This could form part of a larger Teams adoption project, or as a standalone piece of work. Depending on the project objectives it is possible to customise Teams to concentrate purely on the ‘team chat’ element.

This solution is subject to a variety of back-end APIs, some of which are currently in private preview. Please contact us for the latest information.

We understand the concerns organisations may have around Microsoft Teams creation. We are able to offer a managed creation experience which can be customised according to your requirements. Features such as who can create a Team, naming policy, default items in a new Team, who can access the Team etc. are currently being explored.

This solution is at the stage where we are ready to discuss with customers their specific requirements and work to a solution. If this is of interest, please contact us to arrange a scoping call.

Teams creation policies



We are currently working with a select number of customers to gather feedback on this project, prior to making it Generally Available. For more information, to arrange a demo or setup a trial, please contact us.