Project Takin

Office 365 Skype for Business Diagnostics

By gathering call data from Office 365 we can analyse and report on both user adoption and call quality. This can be used to drive adoption take-up programs or diagnose poor quality calls. Find out more

Project Tenrec

Unattended Skype for Business Device Monitoring

This solution monitors fixed-point devices which aren't attached to specific users, such as meeting room Surface Hub devices, Skype Room Systems, Common Area Phone and other assets. An at-a-glance dashboard and configurable alerting allows IT administrators to ensure that these devices are always working and can proactively remediate. Find out more

Project Fossa


Project Fossa uses Microsoft Power BI to visualise Office 365 license usage across a number of different organisation boundaries, to enable per-department license billing and a more informed view of your Office 365 estate. Find out more

Project Gelada


Project Gelada provides a window into how users are making calls, how that fits with the PSTN plans they are assigned to and where call charges are being incurred. Using this solution organistaions can accurately assign PSTN costs to a country, department or user level easily. Find out more

Project Rita

Cloud Video Gateway to Join Room Video Systems to Skype for Business Meetings

Modality Systems can host video gateway capable of allowing Skype for Business meetings to be joined by any standards based system or even via WebRTC in a browser. Find out more.

Project Jerboa

Webchat as a service: Scale in realtime to offer immediate support to users

This hosted service allows an organisation to offer webchat support to users on a on-demand temporary basis to respond to unusual demand or support large events. Find out more.

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Project Yelt

Changing Healthcare Delivery with Skype for Business

Project Yelt is a Software-as-a-Service solution to enable patients to meet with a specialist remotely in a secure environment and conduct video & audio calls. Find out more.

Project Steenbok

Enable your customers to have a better meeting experience using your Skype for Business environment

Important upcoming call? On the road? Unsure if your connection is good enough for a Skype for Business call? Use our Pre-Meeting Test to understand and fix potential problems before your meeting starts, not during it. Enjoy better meetings. Find out more.

Project Argali

End-to-end connection tests for Skype for Business Online & PSTN

Project Argali is a monitoring service for Skype for Business Online PSTN connectivity. End-to-end testing of all the components that can affect a Skype for Business external call with real calls, and alerting of any connentivity and quality issues. Find out more.



Modality Bots for Business

Bot scale combined with Business Intelligence

The Modality Bots Preview Program covers a range of new solutions focused on autonomous agents for Skype for Business to deliver value through improved access to information and better user experiences. Find out more.