Welcome to Modality Labs

Welcome to Modality Labs.

Although this site is new the work and approach it showcases is not. Modality Systems have always worked hard to understand customer requirements and deliver solutions that solve real world problems. With Modality Labs we are continuing this important work of putting the customer at the centre of the product design process, but bringing it to a wider audience.

Modality Labs gives us a place to talk about and try out new product ideas. It provides a mechanism for feedback which will directly influence product direction. By showcasing and explaining the work we’re doing early and often, we can validate assumptions, test new concepts, and refine our offering to best match customer needs.

One of Modality’s core philosophies is Future. In today’s fast-paced, modern workplace communication and global collaboration are at the forefront of business needs; We are actively building products and solutions to support digital transformation. We have years of experience in building solutions for communications-enabled business processes. Modality Labs aims to keep us honest in what we prioritise by encouraging user feedback throughout the design and implementation phases.

Your feedback will directly affect our product line. Popular Modality Labs products; those that receive hundreds of positive comments, generate a conversation with users and show real potential will be promoted to become generally available products and services, backed by our global Support Team and with formal service agreements. Likewise, we may divert resource away from ideas and solutions that you tell us won’t work or aren't important, or we will redesign them to incorporate the things you tell us are needed.

So, what’s in it for you? Apart from the chance to shape our products to solve the problems and issues you face today and help you build a roadmap for the future, you can expect early access to projects in their Beta stage and direct contact with our Engineering Teams. We’re serious about wanting your feedback and will make sure the right people are listening. Your comments will shape product direction and feature sets. Finally, we will reward active participants will pricing discounts to reflect feedback and engagement levels.

Modality Systems is on a journey to build the future of communications and collaboration. To join us on that journey:

  • Explore the Modality Labs website and see what projects we’re currently working on.
  • Follow us on Twitter to receive updates about new and existing projects.
  • Sign up to the mailing list to get monthly updates on projects (no spam, promise!).
  • Got a project idea? We’re listening, contact us on Twitter or via the Contact form to start a discussion.