Build a bot in less than 10 minutes - a Modality Labs Christmas special

2017 has been a big year for bot development. From chat bots to ‘super bots’, it’s an exciting time for technology and the potential it has to support and enhance day-to-day activities.

In the lead up to Christmas, we thought it would be fun to show you how to create your own bot using Microsoft’s QnA Maker. This turns FAQ pages into interactive bots, which can then be accessed on collaboration platforms such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Watch the video to start creating your bot now, with Tom Morgan – Product Innovation Architect at Modality Systems (and bot-building enthusiast!).

Skype for Business Virtual Healthcare Templates

Microsoft recently released a set of open source code, enabling remote-advisor capabilities using Skype for Business and Office 365 and with a particular focus on healthcare and telemedicine. Using these virtual health templates, Senior Development Consultant Tom Morgan has produced a working demo that can be easily integrated with your business’ existing tenant.

Powered by Azure and Office 365, you can now book a meeting online using the Office 365 Virtual Health Templates dashboard. We are excited about the possibilities this offers the Health sector.

Contact us to try it out for yourself! We look forward to your feedback and to further development on this new Skype for Business solution.

"How can our business better understand how software licenses are assigned in Office 365?"

This is a question frequently asked by our customers. Through visual analytics using Power BI we are in the process of developing a new transparent solution. In our latest vlog, Tom Arbuthnot (Principal Solutions Architect at Modality Systems) and Tom Morgan (Senior Development Consultant at Modality Systems) explain how this project could provide invaluable data for your organisation, through rich and easily assimilated visuals – saving time and cutting costs. Watch our short demonstration for more.

If you are interested in this solution and would like more information contact us to start the conversation.

Project Focus - Project Fossa

For an IT professional managing license usage and costs can be a headache. It can be hard to answer questions about capacity and usage and even harder to provide accurate information about departmental or office use. There are other complications as well: service accounts, testing accounts, demo accounts, development accounts: all these accounts use licenses which need to be planned, budgeted and accounted for.

In Office 365, license usage is displayed in the Admin Center. Each valid license is displayed along with information about total number of licenses, expired licenses and assigned licenses. However, this does not provide information about who is using which licenses, which departments in an organisation are using the most licenses and what the license cost to the organisation is.

Project Fossa addresses this by taking data from additional sources and presenting it alongside license details in order to provide more context to your license usage.

Example output of PowerBI showing how Office 365 Enterprise E3 licenses are used in an organisation along with information about utilisation and cost.

Example output of PowerBI showing how Office 365 Enterprise E3 licenses are used in an organisation along with information about utilisation and cost.

How it works

Project Fossa can tell you how many licenses are used per person, per department, office, state or country. If you provide licence costs, then Project Fossa will calculate the license cost for each of these categories. Project Fossa allows IT administrators to communicate how licenses are being used across the organisation and what the true license cost of departments and initiatives is. By highlighting users which have been de-activated (such as those who have left the organisation) but which are still consuming licenses Project Fossa can help organisations save money by reusing licenses which are no longer needed.

Project Fossa is offered as a light-touch Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. There’s nothing to install on premise. Simply provide us with a service account and we can do the rest remotely. Reports are provided via, hosted on your tenant. Data rests in an Azure SQL Server hosted on your tenant. You own the data and control access to it.

Key Benefits

  • Greater visibility of license usage across the organisation
  • Accurate reporting of license costs by function
  • Ability to internally re-charge license usage to departments or countries
  • Potential cost savings in highlighting licenses used by deactivated users
Example PowerBI output showing license usage and cost for the Shanghai office

Example PowerBI output showing license usage and cost for the Shanghai office

Try it Today

You can try out a working demo of this solution using anonymised data by going to and using the embedded PowerBI application. Or get in touch for a demo session for a full walk through and to answer any questions.

When you’re ready to sign up, contact us to start the conversation.


Introducing Modality Labs - Part 2

In part two of our introduction to Modality Labs, Nick Seagrave and Tom Morgan reveal exciting opportunities for artificial intelligence and bots, and how they are being used in current projects.

Customers are looking to us, through Modality Labs, to explore the art of the possible with their Skype for Business solution. The proliferation of Skype – always-on communications – is leading to more businesses embracing the opportunities technology can offer.  We believe in building the right tools for the end-users, so feedback and input into how our solutions are benefiting on-the-ground users is invaluable to us. Get in touch and let’s begin shaping the future of your business!

Welcome to Modality Labs

Welcome to Modality Labs.

Although this site is new the work and approach it showcases is not. Modality Systems have always worked hard to understand customer requirements and deliver solutions that solve real world problems. With Modality Labs we are continuing this important work of putting the customer at the centre of the product design process, but bringing it to a wider audience.

Modality Labs gives us a place to talk about and try out new product ideas. It provides a mechanism for feedback which will directly influence product direction. By showcasing and explaining the work we’re doing early and often, we can validate assumptions, test new concepts, and refine our offering to best match customer needs.

One of Modality’s core philosophies is Future. In today’s fast-paced, modern workplace communication and global collaboration are at the forefront of business needs; We are actively building products and solutions to support digital transformation. We have years of experience in building solutions for communications-enabled business processes. Modality Labs aims to keep us honest in what we prioritise by encouraging user feedback throughout the design and implementation phases.

Your feedback will directly affect our product line. Popular Modality Labs products; those that receive hundreds of positive comments, generate a conversation with users and show real potential will be promoted to become generally available products and services, backed by our global Support Team and with formal service agreements. Likewise, we may divert resource away from ideas and solutions that you tell us won’t work or aren't important, or we will redesign them to incorporate the things you tell us are needed.

So, what’s in it for you? Apart from the chance to shape our products to solve the problems and issues you face today and help you build a roadmap for the future, you can expect early access to projects in their Beta stage and direct contact with our Engineering Teams. We’re serious about wanting your feedback and will make sure the right people are listening. Your comments will shape product direction and feature sets. Finally, we will reward active participants will pricing discounts to reflect feedback and engagement levels.

Modality Systems is on a journey to build the future of communications and collaboration. To join us on that journey:

  • Explore the Modality Labs website and see what projects we’re currently working on.
  • Follow us on Twitter to receive updates about new and existing projects.
  • Sign up to the mailing list to get monthly updates on projects (no spam, promise!).
  • Got a project idea? We’re listening, contact us on Twitter or via the Contact form to start a discussion.